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Black Chandelier Shades

Urbanest Black Parchment Chandelier Lamp Shades w/ Gold Paper Liner 4", Clip On


Urbanest Satin Hardback Chandelier Lamp Shades,3"x6"x5"


Royal Designs – 6" Hardback Empire Chandelier Lamp Shades – Black


Urbanest Empire Chandelier Lamp Shade in Silk,Soft Bell 3"x 6"x 5",6 Colors


Urbanest Cotton Hardback Chandelier Lamp Shade, Lampshade,3"x6"x5", 5 Colors


Urbanest Black Parchment Chandelier Mini Lamp Shade w/ Gold Liner 3 Sizes


Urbanest Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades,5",Bell Silk,Black w/ Double Trim,Set of 6


Urbanest Mushroom Pleated Chandelier Lamp Shade,Hardback,Lampshade,3"x5"x4.5"


Urbanest Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades, Softback Bell 3"x6"x5" Black Set of 2


Royal Designs Black Deep Empire Chandelier Lamp Shade, Size 6, CS-118BLK/GL


Vintage Industrial Chandeliers Hanging Ceiling Light Pendant Lamp Shade Fixture


Urbanest Cotton Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades,Hardback,3"x4"x4",Black, Set of 5


Set of Six Black with Gold Lining Chandelier Lamp Shades


Urbanest 6 Inch Scallop Chandelier Mini Lamp Shade,Faux Silk,Softback,3"x 6"x5"


Black Silk with Gold Euro Barrel Chandelier Lamp Shade 5'' Inch Drum


Black Mini Lamp Shades w/ Braided Trim for Chandelier or Sconces, Set of 6


Black Parchment Chandelier Lamp Shades 4" White Liner Set of 5 Clip on


Urbanest Chandelier Lamp Shade Bell Silk Softback w/ Double Trim 3"x5"x4.5"


Urbanest Burlap Chandelier Lamp Shade Softback Bell 3"x6"x5",5 Colors


Urbanest Cotton Hardback Mini Chandelier Lamp Shade,Lampshade,3"x4"x4",4 Colors


Urbanest Mushroom Pleated Chandelier Lamp Shade,Hardback,Lampshade,3"x6"x5"


Urbanest Square Style 5 inch Softback Bell Chandelier Lamp Shade,Black,Faux Silk


Urbanest Black Mini Chandelier Lamp Shade, 5 inch, Hardback, Clip On


Urbanest 6-inch Metal Chandelier Lamp Shade, Black


Urbanest Linen Mini Chandelier Lamp Shade, Clip On, Hardback, 3"x 6"x 5"


Urbanest Swirl Twist Pleated Chandelier Mini Lamp Shade Bell Softback 3"x6"x5"


Urbanest Black String Mini Chandelier Lamp Shade, 5-inch, Hardback, Clip On


Urbanest 6 inch Suede Clip on Chandelier Lamp Shade, Black


Vintage Black/Gold Mini Chandelier Lamp Shade


5" Parchment Empire Hardback Chandelier Lamp Shade


6 PK Royal Designs 5" Fancy Square Bell Chandelier Lamp Shades Choice of Color


Royal Designs 5” Hardback Empire Chandelier Shades - Multiple Color Options


Royal Designs Empire Chandelier Lamp Shade - 3 x 4.25 x 4.25 - Clip-On