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JHS Bonsai Overdrive


JHS Pedals The Bonsai 9-way Screamer Overdrive GENTLY USED


JHS Modded EHX Soul Food Overdrive Meat & 3 Mod Electro Harmonix 


JHS Electro Harmonix Soul Food Mod Pedal


JHS Angry Charlie V3 Pedal


JHS SuperBolt V1


Clone JHS Morning Glory Bluesbreaker OD Overdrive Boost 


Jhs Bonsai


JHS Andy Timmons @ Distortion/Overdrive Pedal - Limited Edition Black/Red!


JHS Double Barrel V3 Twin Pedal


Ibanez TS-808 tube screamer Reissue With JHS Mod


JHS Crayon Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


JHS Electro Harmonix Soul Food Mod Pedal w/ AC Adapter (see note - FREE US SHIP!


JHS Angry Charlie The AT Andy Timmons Signature Distortion - Red


JHS Morning Glory V4 Transparent Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


JHS Pedals Muffuletta Fuzz Pedal


JHS Crayon


JHS Morning Glory V4 with external remote


JHS Pedals Buffered Splitter


JHS Pedals Colour Box Preamp DI Guitar Effects Pedal With Power Supply!


JHS The Milkman Slapback Delay & Boost Pedal Used


JHS Firefly Germanium Fuzz Pedal Hand Painted


Used JHS Double Barrel V4


JHS Pedals The Kilt Overdrive Distortion Pedal - Versatile Pedal


JHS Angry Charlie V2 Overdrive Pedal (USED)


jhs tap tempo


JHS Pedals Dyna Comp Pedal


JHS Muffletta


JHS Effect Pedals - Charlie Brown V3 Version 3 Guitar Pedal JTM 45 Tones USA


JHS PEDALS Sweat tea v2 Overdrive & Distortion


used JHS Milkman, Excellent Condition


JHS Ernie Ball VPJR “Active/No Loss” Mod


JHS Kodiak Tremolo with Tap Tempo Guitar Effect Pedal


JHS Pulp ‘n Peel V4 Compressor 2018


Used JHS Spring Tank Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal!


StewMac JHS 808 Overdrive Pedal Kit


StewMac JHS All-American Distortion Pedal Kit


New JHS Meat & 3 Modded Electro Harmonix Soul Food Overdrive Pedal!


JHS Calhoun V2 Overdrive/Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal